25 Reasons Why Men Cheat

This week, everybody’s talking about cheating, all because Jesse James decided to step out on wife Sandra Bullock with a tattooed, white supremacist stripper named Michelle McGee. Now, what everyone wants to know is: Why. James had it all: a beautiful, successful, talented wife, a booming business and fame, a family… Nevertheless, something led him astray. After the jump, 25 reasons men put their willies where they don’t belong.

  1. He’s horny.
  2. He’s out of town.
  3. He feels inadequate.
  4. He wants to escape.
  5. He doesn’t like monogamy.
  6. He fell out of love.
  7. He’s drunk.
  8. He can’t stop himself.
  9. He’s a sex addict.
  10. He wants to see what it’s like.
  11. He isn’t getting any at home.
  12. He’s lonely.
  13. He needs someone to talk to.
  14. He wants to find out what it’s like to pay for it.
  15. He’s looking for an ego boost.
  16. He wants to experiment sexually.
  17. He’s unhappy.
  18. He gets high off taking risks.
  19. He let her talk him into it.
  20. He thought he could get away with it.
  21. He felt like it didn’t really matter.
  22. He’s looking for an excuse to get out of the marriage.
  23. He’s stupid.
  24. He’s a narcissist.
  25. He made a mistake.