The Frisky Staff Goes To Prom

erin 32310 jpg
With prom season around the corner and epically ill-advised dresses popping up all over the place, the girls of The Frisky have been doing a little school dance reminiscing. Check out what we wore to prom (and similarly tragic fun events) back in the day. First up is Erin, everyone’s favorite Style Editor:

My senior prom dress was kind of rad and I wish I still had it. It was a silky 1930s oyster-colored vintage gown, tight on the top and a long looser skirt. It was like something you’d see on Greta Garbo. Seriously, a collector’s item. Unfortch, it would have looked way better on a much taller frame; also I brought a picture of a PANTENE AD into the sad hairdresser’s and this blue-haired lady created a terrifying, huge updo (my hair was like, down to my ass back then) that looked so bad with that dress. I think I ended up with a more appropriate slicked-back bun by the end of the night, but my photos are truly tragic. –Erin

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