Study Says Catcalling Makes All Men Look Bad, Not Just The Guy Who Yelled “Great Boobs!”

Men who catcall a woman on the street cause other women bystanders to think negatively of all men in general, according to a small study at the University of Connecticut. Researchers Stephenie Chaudoir and Diane Quinn asked 114 female undergraduate students to watch one of two videos: one in which a man approaches a woman and says, “Hey Kelly, your boobs look great in that shirt!” and another in which a man approaches and says, “Hey Kelly, what’s up?” Women who watched the “boobs” video were more likely to say they identified as women, felt angry towards men, and wanted to “move away” from guys. What does this mean? It means that even if a woman does not directly experience sexism herself, her beliefs and emotions are affected by the behavior. “Women are … implicated because they suffer direct negative consequences as targets of prejudice,” Chaudoir and Quinn worte in their study. But the most intriguing takeaway is that street harassment hurts men, too. “Whenever a single man’s prejudiced actions are attributed to his gender identity, male perpetrators impact how women view and react to men generally,” the authors wrote.

So, guys, maybe the next time you hear a guy yell “nice ass!” at some random woman on the street, you’ll do a service to your gender if you tell that fool to shut it. [Reuters, The Sexist]