Fashion Writer Lynn Yaeger Buys Weird Dolls On Ebay

Apparently, iconic fashion writer Lynn Yaeger is obsessed with eBay. Since she first discovered the auction site about 12 years ago, Lynn has used it as a convenient alternative to flea markets and antique shows, snapping up an Hèrmes Kelly bag, multiple Becassine dolls, a bunch of Victorian children’s jewelry, and more (she used her high school French to purchase the Hèrmes bag on French eBay). It’s nice to know we aren’t the only ones addicted to this time-suck, scrolling through pages of items for hours on end! And not only does Lynn, who regularly contributes to Vogue, T, The New York Times Style Magazine, and other notable publications, troll the auction site every morning in search of her latest obsessions, but she’ll be contributing a few stories to eBay’s online magazine, The Inside Source, over the next few weeks. We can’t wait to hear her advice for scooping up fancy finds, plus, the photos of Lynn among her booty are priceless. [The Inside Source]