Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Big O

Finally! A book about orgasms that we can actually trust. If you’re tired of hearing one myth after another about the elusive O, there’s a new book on the market that will turn you into an orgasm expert. The Orgasm Answer Guide, authored by a group of university professors, is sure to have a happy ending for all. Try not to get too excited. After the jump, some of the fun facts from the book.

  • Orgasms actually do extend your life expectancy. So it’s in your best interest to have them often.
  • Ummm … the pull-out method is actually more effective in preventing pregnancy than we thought and pre-cum does not actually contain sperm.
  • Girl cum is the consistency of fat-free milk.
  • If you can’t have an orgasm, it’s OK to see a sex therapist. Slow and steady is the key to the female orgasm. Guys, are you listening?


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