Clothing Label “Angry White Girl” Drops Michelle McGee

Talk about a public relations nightmare: say the name of your hardcore “fashion” line is Angry White Boy Clothing and Apparel (women’s line called Angry White Girl, natch). Then consider what might happen when news emerges that your spokesmodel was not only bonking America’s Sweetheart’s husband, but is faced with all manner of touchy white supremacist allegations. Oh and don’t forget, the name of the line she fronts is called ANGRY WHITE GIRL. Ooooh, sticky!

That’s why the company has announced they’re parting ways with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, and on their site, they’ve posted a bunch of swastikas with red lines drawn through with a note that says, “This clothing line is not a racist or fascist band! Period!” Way to spin-doctor a delicate sitch. Thanks for clarifying, guys! [New York Post]