Sam Worthington Is Not A Plumber

Oh, celebrity profiles. They’re so absurd! The writer gets not-enough minutes with The Big Star, out of which s/he must generate enough words to support however many advertising pages the magazine has sold that month. What a chore. And this is how we get totally ridiculous celebrity profiles in which people say things that make no sense. In the new Details cover story on Sam Worthington by Jonathan Miles, Miles feels compelled to point out that Worthington is like a plumber. Which is supposed to make some kind of a point. Although, what that point is or how it illuminates Worthington remains unclear. In any case, you’re probably better off just looking at the pictures. Highlights from the attendant word-drivel after the jump. Sam Worthington watches himself walking the Golden Globes red carpet:
“He watches himself for a moment, not vainly but curiously, the way a dog processes an unfamiliar smell, and looks away before the TV is done showing him.”

Sam Worthington is here to clean out your sewage system:
“Among all the folks present at the studio—photo assistants, various Hollywood handlers, publicity molls—Worthington looks the most like someone getting paid by the hour, like he’s here to unclog a drain.”

Sam Worthington does not read a lot of plays:
“He wasn’t exactly burning with theatrical ambition—he thought Chekhov was that bloke from ‘Star Trek.'”

Sam Worthington is a diva who does not want to come across like a diva:
“‘Well, I demand a lot,’ he says, then backtracks, not wanting to position himself as some kind of diva.”

Sam Worthington is not too famous to pick up your Ping-Pong ball and give you some career advice:
“He tosses the Ping-Pong ball back to her, and then, as if talking to the guy in the mirror four years ago and divulging a credo applicable to far more than table tennis, he tells her, ‘Don’t be embarrassed. Get better.'”