“Real World: New Orleans” Castmate Says Roommate Peed On His Toothbrush

What happens when people stop being polite and start getting real? A “Real World” cast member scrubs a toilet bowl with your toothbrush and then pees on it.

On March 1, police were called to the house where “The Real World: New Orleans” is currently filming, after castmate Ryan Leslie, 22, claimed he’d gotten a fever and viral infection to his throat after his housemate, Preston Roberson-Charles, 22, did some foul things to his Sonicare. Leslie says his roommate was trying to get back at him for an argument they had three weeks earlier.

Wha-wha-what? Is MTV just casting straight-up menaces to society now, or what? According to the police report obtained by the Times-Picayune newspaper, Leslie claims he and Roberson exchanged words on Feb. 8 and his roommate called him a “f**got” and told him he “sucks d**k.” Leslie also says his roommate threatened to do something to his belongings.

A few weeks later, Leslie’s throat began to hurt a lot. On February 21, he went to urgent care at the local hospital, where he was tested for strep and mono. Those tests came back negative, but Leslie was told he had a viral infection in his throat. He was prescribed an antibiotic for the infection and a steroid for the pain.

According to his embarrassingly typo-laden statement to police, on Feb. 25, Leslie allegedly found out Roberson had urinated on his toothbrush and used it to clean the toilet. (Thankfully, this is also when Leslie stopped using said toothbrush.) Police confiscated the Sonicare as evidence and noted in the report that the whole “Real World” house is hooked up with cameras, although apparently they have not viewed the tapes yet.

Leslie didn’t explain in his police report how he found out Roberson desecrated his toothbrush. But if the story is true and not just some MTV publicity stunt, we can assume it wasn’t the camera men or producers who told him. That’s really what’s most foul about this incident. But I guess toothbrush-pee pranks are good for TV? [NOLA.com]