Quickies: Amy Winehouse’s Name For Her Lady Parts & Real Men Eat Salad

  • Amy Winehouse calls her female parts her “vaJew-Jew.” [Starpulse]
  • Bras make excellent pockets. [Lemondrop]
  • Does sexy have a season? [TresSugar]
  • Olivia Munn rides a unicorn in Complex. [The Daily What]

  • If you think basketball is boring, fill out this “Pies vs. Cakes” March Madness bracket. [Jezebel]
  • Take a look back at Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ relationship. [Us Weekly]
  • John DeVore explains that real men aren’t afraid to eat salad. [CNN
  • Don’t forget to pee after sex. [Crushable]
  • Rapper Young Jeezy has dropped the “Young” from his name; the adjective isn’t exactly applicable at 32. [NY Mag]