Fashion Glasses Aren’t Just For Girls

I’m a recent convert to the fake glasses trend; however, I’m careful about the circumstances in which I wear them. I won’t, for example, wear them on a date, because I’ve pictured the humiliation and implications of being unmasked—I imagine a guy would be slightly weirded out and would start questioning what else about me is fake or deceptive. But, it never occurred to me to imagine the situation in reverse. A dude wearing fashion glasses to a date? Nuh uh.

According to the New York Daily News, however, guys are into fakes as well …“City boys are sporting prescription-free glasses for style, not sight.” Some reasons behind the switch go straight to aesthetics. A stylist tells the Daily News that she uses fashion lenses on her models frequently “to add gravitas to models posing as Bond-like superspies.” We’re not surprised that another theory blames the recession (People try to relate the cause of everything these days to the economy!): Job hunters think nerd frames will make them look smarter and give them a leg up against the competition.

We think boys in glasses are totally hot, but we’re not sure how we’d feel about a dude wearing fakes as a fashion accessory. Would that mean he’s vainer than an average guy? Or does he just think they’re cool and fun? Sound off in the comments below! [NY Daily News]