Clothing Company Makes Islam Hipster-Friendly

Those “Jesus is My Homeboy” T-shirts had their moment. Now taking the spotlight in hip/ironic religious wear (who knew such a market existed?) is a company called Styleislam, which produces tees, hoodies, and jackets meant to spread positive promotion of Islam. Conceived as a way to peacefully combat anti-Muslim sentiments, the company’s statement explains that the designs and slogans—like “Muslim by Nature,” “I Love My Prophet,” and “Mini Muslim”—are “not only funky, they also have content. We communicate Islam in a language young people can understand, without sacrificing our values in the process.” While many of Styleislam’s fashions tend to show a lighthearted and cheeky side, others push more serious agendas. One women’s shirt reads in a powerful font, “Hijab: My Right, My Choice, My Life.” Styleislam has suffered its fair share of criticism, however, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, its main markets rest in Europe, Canada, Turkey, and the United States, and the company has yet to expand to the Middle East. That’s in the works, according to Melih Kesmen who says, “We’re … getting a lot of requests from Egypt, the United Arab Emirates or Morocco … They all want to buy our products, but we simply haven’t built up the infrastructure yet to ship to the Arab world.” For now, however, Styleislam’s fans are college-aged Muslim immigrants. We’re wondering if the brand has enough style appeal to become adopted by an audience of non-Muslim customers. (Two words: Urban Outfitters.) [Styleislam via Washington Times]