Ask The Astrosexologist: Leo Can’t Drop Her Controlling Guy Friend

I’m a Leo who has had a controlling guy friend for a year and a half. He is a Libra, and has me completely under a spell. He is hooked on internet dating, but doesn’t want to let me go. Usually I just put up with it, just so I can still see him. I think he loves me, but he had a bad breakup a few years ago, and said the internet saved his life. I know he wants to be with me, as bad as I want to be with him, which only makes it worse because sometimes when we are apart for a few weeks, and see each other again, he just clings to me. I’m not a dog, and could get other guys, but I just can’t pull out of this. My friends think I’m crazy. Any advice???

I have to agree with your friends on this one. What do you think is going to happen with him? It would take a miracle to change him into the guy you want — someone decisive and fully into you, to the point he can show it. Instead, he’s not even committing to be with you, as you are just friends, and even with that, he is being wishy-washy. You think he loves you, but you can’t tell for sure and he is hooked on internet dating — is that good enough? What are you getting out of this, other than something to obsess over?

Time to get back in touch with the fact that you are a Leo, the sign of confidence, romance, and risk-taking! You are best with a man with a strong demeanor, and sorry, this Libra isn’t going to give it anytime soon, as it would mean he would have to change who he is! Time to start reassessing the situation and really see the truth for what it is and then start moving ahead with your life — as there are awesome astral aspects ahead.

For example, Mars is in Leo until June 2010, giving you a big dose of extra charisma — and this will mean it’ll be way easier to just go out and have some fun without any mentally damaging strings attached, like this Libra gives. Chances are that once you try something else and see you can have chemistry elsewhere with someone else, you might see this Libra is just as nuts as your friends say too.

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