SXSW Diary: Does Courtney Love Have Fake Ears?

This morning I’m trying to recover from a musicover. I took in more live shows than my body could handle yesterday, was little bit overwhelmed by too much wonderfulness. Lots of coffee, a Tylenol , and maybe some dude watching should do the trick.

I knew yesterday was going to be the best day so far when we sat next to the band Metric at brunch. Because that’s just how it is at SXSW. You may be waiting in line for a port-o-potty with your favorite band or sipping coffee at the table next to them. Okay, that was just the build up to the good news … I got passes to the exclusive Spin Magazine party. Hell yeah!
So, we arrived with exclusive badge in hand just in time to see Miike Snow again. Sorry. I had to. They’re just so freaking amazing. Next up was soul queen Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings who sounded just as perfect live as you can possibly imagine. I was also kind of tickled that she wore a neon yellow dress. She’s such a diva. In an awesome way.

Headlining was … drum roll please … Hole. This was seriously my most anticipated moment of SXSW. Part nostalgia for 1994 and part curiosity. Now, I’m going to preface this by saying that I was really far away from the stage, so this may be conjecture, but I’m pretty sure I could see Courtney’s plastic surgery lines. She wore some weird hippy ribbon thingy in her extensions and when she flipped her weave back, I could see those weird facelift lines. Even weirder? I swear to god her ears looked fake to me. Is it possible that she would wear prosthetic ears? Or have some ear plastic surgery? Does that exist? Anyways … I was way more curious about how she sounded than how she looked. She opened the set with a cover of The Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil” which was somehow aptly fitting for her and followed it up with “Miss World.” I gotta give it to the crazy bitch. She actually sounded great. Until she opened her mouth and started up with some unintelligible patter about her “giant flapping vagina.” TMI.

After the Spin party, I headed over to the French showcase to watch more French guys play music. Obviously. Even though the music was not really my thing, a little heavy for me, the boys from Papier Tigre were easy on the eyes if not the ears.

Next I went to catch Aussie duo An Horse who caught my attention last year at SXSW. Those two indie cuties pack a huge sound for a duo. I got there way early to make sure I didn’t miss them and had the great fortune of catching Los Angeles band Local Natives who really blew me away with their sexy mustaches and their really killer live show. Imagine a really poppy, melodic, more ironic version of The Shins or Arcade Fire. And then I hit a wall. You’d better believe I slept well.