What We Can Learn From The Roller Coaster Of Sandra Bullock’s Love Life

Sandra Bullock’s love life has had some ups and some serious downs. The absolute lowest point being the revelation that her hubby, Jesse James, may have cheated on her with a Mormon, white supremacist stripper/tattoo model. So what can we ladies learn from the zigzag of Sandra’s past? A lot. After the jump, we chart the many loves of Sandra Bullock, along with the lessons you should take from each.

  • Sandra Love #1: In 1992, Sandra met actor Tate Donovan on the set of “Love Potion No. 9,” in which they played two biochemists who create a tincture that makes them irresistible to the opposite sex. They got together during filming. One source on set said he was surprised to see Sandra fall for someone who was “more interested in his close-ups.” Sandra moved to Los Angeles to be with Tate and they stayed together for years, even getting engaged. Their relationship started to unravel sometime after “Speed” came out. Shortly after, Tate met Jennifer Aniston. He and Sandra were dunzo. [Talk Talk]
    Lesson Learned: Beware of self-absorbed actors. An ambitious woman needs a supportive dude who can be happy for her success without feeling competitive. It sure seems like Tate couldn’t handle Sandra, or Jen, for that matter.
  • Sandra Love #2: Next, Sandra dated Dallas Cowboys former quarterback and Hall of Famer, Troy Aikman. Not much is known about their relationship.
    Lesson Learned: Beware of jocks.
  • Sandra Love #3: In 1996, Sandra starred in “A Time To Kill,” where she once again fell for a co-star—this time Matthew McConaughey. Two years into their relationship, Sandra made the move to Austin, Texas, to be closer to him. She opened a Cajun restaurant there. “I fell in love with Austin,” she told In Style. “I’ve gone there to build my home. My roots. I’m building a home there with family in mind, children and grandchildren.” McConaughey shot back, “I just look at her and I think, Wow! But she doesn’t know how beautiful she is or how much people like her. She’s just so regular about everything.” Soon after Sandra’s move, they broke up. Sandra was very down about it. “I can’t see finding anyone — in or out of the business,” she said. [People]
    Lesson Learned: Beware of guys who don’t wear deodorant. And never move for a guy—unless, like Sandra, you absolutely love the new place and see exciting opportunities there.
  • Sandra Love #4: While in Austin, Sandra met musician Bob Schneider and the two started dating. (She stayed in town to shoot “Miss Congeniality” there.) While Schneider said their relationship was great, he said, “It’s tough being in a relationship with someone who has such a high profile. It’s like you don’t even exist on your own.” They broke up in 2001, reportedly because Bob cancelled a trip to Georgia to spend Thanksgiving with Sandra’s family. [Austin 360]
    Lesson Learned: Beware of musicians.
  • Sandra Love #5: Once again in 2002, Sandra found a dude while filming a movie. She fell for Ryan Gosling on the set of “Murder by Numbers.” He’s 16 years younger than she is. Her friend and often co-star Hugh Grant said he referred to Ryan as “The Child.” Supposedly, Sandra and Ryan broke up in 2003 not because of their age difference. “The whole long distance thing got tough,” a friend told Us Weekly. “There was no big drama or blow-up. They’re still friends.” [People, Stars We Love]
    Lesson Learned: Ryan Gosling is hot.
  • Sandra Love #6: In 2003, Sandra took her 10-year-old godson to meet “Monster Garage” star Jesse James. They became the world’s most unlikely couple—America’s Sweetheart with an American badass, but it certainly seemed to work and they got married in 2005. After some trials and tribulations—a stalker, and a custody battle—these two seemed crazy in love. Sandra even gushed about him on Oscars night. And then Michelle McGee came forward, saying that she’d been sleeping with Jesse for a year.
    Lesson Learned: Beware of dudes who love motorcycles, have oodles of tattoos, and who were formerly married to porn stars. Bad boy images aren’t procured without reason.

We hope better luck to Sandra in the future. She freaking deserves it.