Ugh. Snooki Charged In Friend’s Drunk Driving Death In ’04

Even the deaf and blind know Snooki likes her booze. But yesterday revealed exclusively that my favorite “Jersey Shore” guidette was criminally charged in the 2004 drunk driving death of one of her classmates. Ugh! According to Radar, Snooks (neé Nicole Polizzi) hosted a drinking party in her mom’s basement the night before Thanksgiving in 2004 and she sold alcohol to minors. Sadly, one of her guests, Marlboro High School senior Michael Truncali, died early Thanksgiving morning after leaving her house and was found to have a blood alcohol level over twice the legal limit. Snooki and two others were charged with “prohibited sale of alcoholic beverages,” although it’s unclear what her punishment amounted to. The Truncali family appears to have forgiven Snooki after their loss, but they are still upset with her mother, Helen Polizzi, who was home the night of the party. Said Michelle Truncali, “I just don’t feel that parents should allow underage drinking in their homes.” Cops apparently had insufficient evidence to charge Snooki’s mom with a crime.

One would hope Snooki — and MTV — would parlay the experience into an anti-drunk driving “teachable moment.” But maybe I’m just naive. []