Is Jesse James’ Purported Mistress, Michelle McGee, A White Supremacist?

Like everyone else, I checked out the photos of Jesse James’ supposed mistress, Michelle McGee. What kind of woman does a guy cheat on Sandra Bullock with? A heavily tattooed one was the answer. Among the tattoos I spotted on McGee, there was a “W” and a “P” on the backs of her legs, and, based on some other tattoos I’ve seen, I immediately thought the initials might represent “White Power.” Now, according to court documents, it turns out “Bombshell” McGee may be a member of the Aryan movement. Details and more pics after the jump.McGee claims to have been having an affair with James over a 11-month period, so the question is: Is she telling the truth? Hence, the media began digging through her background, seeking to find out more about this woman and what her history says about the kind of person she is. Her ex-husband, Ronald Shane Modica, doesn’t have too many good things to say about her in court documents related to a custody battle over their son that date from this January.

According to Modica, McGee is a bipolar stripper who doesn’t take medication prescribed her, hosts adult internet shoots in her home, dates gang members, uses their son’s name, Avery, as her stripper name, taught Avery to swear at the age of three, abuses prescription pills, drinks too much, and is involved in the White Power movement. In one set of modeling photos, McGee can been seen posing in full-Nazi regalia. Modica adds that McGee’s other son, Elijah, is Jewish, and she thinks it’s funny to do the “Nazi salute.” Magnets on her refrigerator spell out “White Power.” Supposedly, she has a swastika tattooed on her stomach, as well.

It’s bad enough James cheated, but that he did so with … someone like this makes it all the more foul.