In Bed With … Josh Holloway

July 20, 1969 San Jose, California
Sun Sign: Cancer
Moon: Libra
Mercury: Cancer
Venus: Gemini
Mars: Sagittarius

Love Style:

Just like the plot of “Lost,” love with Josh can get a bit confusing before the commitment phase. Chances are he is totally start/stop, hot/cold and moody as hell. Loving him is no easy game, as there are so many sides to him that keeping up is like solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. However, he’s a fun ride and filled with so much enthusiasm that suffering some pain to have the rest seems bearable. He’s into a never-ending array of interests that keep him busy and any relationship alive. It’s just when emotions seep into the picture that he can turn evasive and prefer drifting from mood to mood. Not to say he can’t be focused, but his relationships aren’t the typical romantic sorts, but more of an intellectual and spiritual experience. It’s through connecting with him on that level to the umpteenth degree that his best lover man comes out.

Sex Style:

Get ready to work, because when it comes to doing it, Josh goes in for the kill when he’s got his eye on a prize. He has energy for days and a curiosity that’ll keep his conquests’ minds and bodies reeling. While he’s not a walking hard-on, he does pack major heat. However, he can be a bit ADD when it comes to sex, as he’s not someone that just has to have it all the time. No, Josh craves sex and needs it sporadically, and it’ll take catching him right at those moments to get the highest quality meat out of him and into you. He’s manly all the way and is all about trying on new methods and places to get it on. Since he does have such a time bomb libido, chances are he’s marked his territory in some very unique locales and in some very tantalizing scenarios. As it goes, each session is probably an epic movie unto itself.

His Type:

There is no telling what Josh’s type is per se, as he’s a guy that just feels his way through love intuitively, and when a spark ignites, he’s on fire. There is no rhyme or reason, just whatever he is craving at that point in his life and how well he can connect with another about it. However, he will approach love as a challenge and seeks out a partner that offers him a different slice of life — a different religion, background or race. He isn’t looking for someone to validate him by being like him, but to inspire his mind to go beyond what he knows and learn something new. For him, the best kind of love is one that teaches him and keeps him curious — a daredevil lady who strikes his exotic intellectual cord could be his one and only. All others should just step aside.

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