SXSW Diary: I Like Miike (Snow) … And All The Other Dudes Here

As I sit here in the lobby updating you about the crunk goings-on at SXSW, there is an impromptu concert going on in the lobby of my hotel. Yeah … the lobby. Because that’s how they roll here in Austin. I haven’t even finished my morning coffee yet and I’m listening to a dope cover of Blu Cantrell’s “Hit ‘Em Up Style” Also, I should mention that I’ve seen at least 14 guys that have made me drool in the last 10 minutes. They are everywhere! This is a freaking man Mecca! But I’m here for the music, right?So my first day at SXSW was naturally insane. Since I am tres hot for everything French, and because French bands come to the States less frequently, I decided to catch Parisian duo Cacoon. They are made up of hot dude Mark Dumail (25) and sexy chic Morgane Imbeaud (22). They sounded kind of like Simon and Garfunkel with edge and a lady. My favorite part of the set? When Mark told the audience he was single in broken English. Yum. I wanted to stay and stalk him after the show … but I had a date with my Brooklyn boys … Tigercity. Imagine if Prince had sex with the Police and they moved to Williamsburg. That’s Tigercity (photo to your left). And they are also very stalkable guys. I might have gotten just a little bit turned on when they sang my favorite number, “Are You Sensation?” Hawt.

But the real musical climax of the night happened by accident. My friends and I got in line to check out NAS and Damien Marley (son of Bob). After waiting for an hour, we got turned away, which totally sucked. Did I mention there are like 30,000 people here? But plan B turned out waaay better. My friend Glen suggested that we head over to an outdoor showcase where one of his favorite bands, Miike Snow, was playing. As we arrived, we caught the tail end of the band Ozomatli, and had an unexpected star sighting. Sissy Spacek was standing behind me, rocking out with her daughter. All I could think is, “Where’s the pig’s blood?” And then Miike Snow (right) began their set. And I forgot all about NAS and Damien. This group of Swedish studio producers and music nerds (all named Mike in my mind) who are responsible for some sick commercial beats (they did the music for Brit’s “Toxic”) pretty much blew me away. I was half expecting to see a jackalope hop onstage—that’s their band symbol. Instead, I saw a group of fine-looking Swedes in black, silk jackets. They kind of had a modern Devo vibe. Whip it, Miike! Even though they made one of the hottest dance records in recent history, everyone was wondering if they could deliver live. And yes they could. It was seriously one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. The entire tent full of people was getting down and there was a palpable, passionate, orgasmic vibe flowing. What a way to end the night.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.