Madonna Casts Vera Farmiga And Abbie Cornish In Her New Flick

Madonna’s first attempt at directing a movie—”Filth and Wisdom,” the story of a Ukranian musician making ends meet as a dominatrix—didn’t go over so hot. It got meh reviews at the Berlin Film Festival, and only got a limited release, though it was available OnDemand. But that won’t stop the Material Girl from trying again. She is set to direct a new movie, “W.E.,” a historical drama about King Edward VIII, who gave up the throne to propose to married American socialite Wallis Simpson. While Madonna had considered playing the role of Wallis herself, earlier this week, it was announced that Vera Farmiga of “Up In The Air” would bring said socialite to life. “[Madonna] approached me,” said Vera. “We sat for a cup of tea and again for a cup of tea. Hopefully, it will all come together.” [Ace Showbiz]

And now, Abbie Cornish has apparently also signed on for the film, too. Abbie’s role will be Wally Winthrop, a 2010 married woman who’s having an affair with a security guard. The movie will flash back between the two stories, the first set in the 1930s. Madonna has co-written the script along with Alek Keshishian, the dude who directed “Truth or Dare.” And a writer for the Daily Mail says that it’s actually pretty good. [Daily Mail]

Another piece of the puzzle for Madge—she is apparently trying to get Queen Elizabeth’s thumbs-up for the film. After all, Edward VIII was her uncle and his abdication set her up for the throne. “Madonna is keen to make the film as authentic as possible and would be very grateful if we are allowed to film at certain locations. She loves the UK and holds your Queen in the highest regard,” a source said. [SiFy]

The movie starts filming in June. Do you think you’ll be going to see it when it comes out in theaters?

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