Jimmy Fallon Asks Dakota Fanning About “Steamy” Scenes With Kristen Stewart

Dakota Fanning appeared on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” last night. She’s totally cute. He’s kind of icky.

While chatting about her new movie “The Runaways,” Fallon said, “You were 15 when you shot this movie … there were some pretty steamy scenes in the movie, especially with Kristen even. You had some steamy scenes with her. So you’d go from the movie set back to being a 15-year-old.”

Is it just me, or did he look really uncomfortable like he felt kinda pervy for asking that? Then they segued to a video question from her “Runaways” co-star Kristen Stewart asking, of course, what’s it like to kiss Kristen Stewart. (Apparently not so great. Dakota was, like, meh.)

The whole thing was kinda awkward. Sorry, Jimmy, but that mopey chick from “Twilight” kissing the little blonde girl from “I Am Sam” does not count as steamy. Way to cater to the statuary rapist demo, though! [Gather]