Amid Cheating Rumors, Sandra Bullock Moves Out

Sadly, it seems there may be some truth in the rumor we reported yesterday that Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, has been cheating on her. Multiple sources are now reporting that the newly minted Oscar winner moved out of the family home she shared with James on Monday just before reports of his infidelity surfaced. The “Blind Side” star also announced she would not be attending the London premiere of the movie, “due to unforeseen personal reasons.” Us Weekly reports James has allegedly been having an 11-month affair with Michelle McGee, a tattoo artist, stripper, and model for an adult website and single mom to two young kids. spoke with McGee’s former boss at the site who says McGee openly discussed her relationship with James, who claimed his marriage to Bullock was a “sham” and nothing more than a “publicity stunt.” Amid all these allegations, Jesse James has deleted his often-updated Twitter account. Oh, snap!

Poor Sandra! Even if it turns out none of this is true, how sad that a time in her life that should be so happy and celebratory is now tarnished with such a nasty and embarrassing scandal. Damn the Oscar curse!

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