A Man’s Place Is In The Kitchen

Earlier this month, the popular food website AllRecipes.com launched a guys-only version called ManTestedRecipes.com. According to a press release, the site caters to “the unique food interests and preferences of male cooks” and hopes to be “a virtual man-cave where men can talk about food.” After checking out some of the recipes, however, we were a little surprised. A “Guilt-less” Sugar-Free & Fat-Free Frappuccino? To make up for that decidedly non-masculine option, there’s plenty of steak and potatoes. (The names these boys give their dishes are hilarious — “Eat-able Skin Baked Potatoes” and “Easy Yet Complex Steak Marinade” are two of my personal favorites.) Can a testosterone-packed cooking site get men to spend more time in the kitchen? Hopefully — though you may or may not want to eat what they serve up. [Man Tested Recipes]