A Couple In Dubai Gets Jail Time For Sexting

A pair of flight attendants in Dubai has been sentenced to three months in jail. Their offense? They sent each other flirty text messages. Apparently, this is a crime because the woman in the pair was married—she’s since filed for divorce—and thus the texts represent “intent to commit sin.” If there had been any evidence that they actually had an affair, things would’ve been a lot worse. Of course, three months in jail for some sexts is pretty harsh—if that were the case here, every high schooler in the country would be in jail for life by now. Perhaps this couple should’ve have mexted instead?Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a couple has gotten in trouble for something innocuous in Dubai. Earlier this month, a British couple went to jail for kissing at a restaurant. And last year, a couple got randy on the beach and ended up in the slammer, too. So, uh, why do people want to visit here? [Newser]