Why Pretty Boys Thrive In Healthy Nations

No offense to Amelia, but the kind of guys she has the hots for, like Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, are a little … how should I say this? Really wimpy looking. [Excuse me, have you seen Ryan’s muscles? Whatevs. Great excuse to post his photo! — Editor Amelia] They’re so pretty and winsome, they practically look like girls. But, of course, Amelia isn’t alone in her love for the pretty boys. Plenty of you also harbor celebrity crushes on Gosling and JGL, not to mention dudes like Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron. So, what gives? Why are so many modern day women going for the girly men instead of the type of square-jawed, rugged guys that captured women’s hearts in the days of yore? Well, according to a new study at Aberdeen University, women in cultures where health is good and the life expectancy is on the rise tend to go for more feminine-looking men “who may have gentle natures to match their gentle faces.” And, conversely, women in more sickly societies tend to favor more masculine guys “whom they hope will give them hardy babies.” The researchers studied women in 30 countries, taking into account life expectancy rate, infectious diseases, and childhood death rates. They showed 5,000 women from around the world photos of men and discovered that women in healthier nations clearly favored more feminine-looking men (i.e., smaller jaw, higher brow line … probably moussed-up hair).

Another argument for the shift in preference from the Clark Gables of previous generations to the Ryan Goslings of today may be the changing role of women in western societies. As women continue to gain more and more respect and responsibility in the work force, they may be less interested in “take charge,” protector types, preferring, instead, men who are more deferential and in touch with their emotions. Thoughts? [via Daily Mail]