The Freaky Parallels Between The New “Smurfs” And “Muppets” Movies

I’m sensing a trend here. First, a major studio announces that they’ll be making an update of a mega-popular kids franchise: Columbia/Sony are making “The Smurfs: The Movie” and Disney will soon start filming a new “Muppet Movie.” Both flicks will be a mixture of animation/puppets with live-action actors. Last week, it was announced last that Neil Patrick Harris had landed the lead role in “The Smurfs.” So guess who was announced today as the lead in the “Muppets”? None other than Neil’s “How I Met Your Mother” co-star, Jason Segel. What’s next—”Care Bears” starring Josh Radnor?So, here are all the details we have on these movies so far. “The Smurfs” is slated to hit theaters in 2011. Neil Patrick Harris will play a human lead by the name of Johan. Meanwhile, Quentin Tarantino will get blue as Brainy Smurf, Katy Perry will lend her voice to Smurfette, and George Lopez will become Grouchy Smurf. [NY Mag, IMDb]

Interestingly, Jason Segel actually wrote the script for the “Muppets” movie, along with his buddy Nicholas Stoller, so it was a natural fit for him to get in front of the camera, too. He’ll be playing a writer trying to reunite all of the Muppets, which sounds a little meta to me. Here’s hoping he does a drum solo with Animal. [Hollywood Reporter]