Terry Richardson Hearts Tampons!

Raunchy photographer Terry Richardson doesn’t hide from his sexuality—it’s blatantly there all over his unclothed models, genital Photoshopped madness, and general debauchery that’s conveyed through his photos and blog. Up until now, no one’s questioned his methods, and everyone’s generally thought he’s a cool—if not slightly bizarre/edgy—guy. Now, two models have gone public with some pervy stories about the fashion photog that are more than disturbing. Jamie Peck writes in a tell-all post for TheGloss.com, “I modeled for Terry Richardson when I was 19. And guess what? I felt bad about it. Of all the fine folks I’ve frolicked au naturel for, he’s the only one who’s left me feeling like I needed to take two showers.” After the jump, the traumatizing highlights of her story …
Peck explains that at first, Richardson didn’t strike her at all as offensive:

“The first time I went over there was pretty okay. He made me tea and we hung out and talked a little before getting down to business. He spoke in the effeminate tones of someone trying very hard not to come off as sexually threatening despite the fact that he was basically walking around in a hipster pedophile costume. I got naked, danced around a bit, smiled, squeezed my tits together, yada yada. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ first album was playing on repeat. He asked me to call him Uncle Terry and I obliged, because why not?”

Uncle Terry? For us, that would have been the first sign of complete weirdness, and we probably would have booked it. On the second time she posed:

“I told him I had my period so I wanted to keep my underwear on, and he asked me to take my tampon out for him to play with. ‘I love tampons!’ he said … (And later on) I’m not sure how he maneuvered me over to the couch, but at some point he strongly suggested I touch his terrifying penis … I must have said something about finals, because he told me, ‘if you make me come, you get an A.’ So I did! Pretty fast, I might add. All over my left hand. His assistant handed me a towel.

OK, so this girl admits that she obliged Richardson’s hand job proposal, but points out that she was incredibly young and didn’t feel like she had a choice. There are no words to express the distaste in our mouths. Shudder. [TheGloss.com]