Shun, Shag, Or Marry: The Possible Directors For “Breaking Dawn”

The final “Twilight ” movie, “Breaking Dawn,” is still in the beginning stages. But Summit is considering three big-deal directors to take it on—Sofia Coppola (“Lost in Translation”), Gus Van Sant (“Milk”), and Bill Condon (“Dreamgirls”). No decision will be made until the directors have a chance to read an outline of the screenplay. It’s interesting to imagine how each of these Hollywood heavyweights would handle the vampy love and (eek!) Bella’s birthing scene. And because we can’t keep our opinions to ourselves, we just have to tell you which directors we’d shun, shug, or marry. [EW]

  • SHUN: Bill Condon
    Unlike most shunned victims, I have no reason to dislike Bill. Well, that’s not really true, I did see “Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh” and still get flashbacks a decade later. The openly gay director has done films like “Dreamgirls,” “Gods and Monsters,” and “Kinsey,” as well as adapted the musical “Chicago” into a film screenplay. He is definitely talented, but I’m not really crazy for his movies or his style. You can’t just wear drab suits every day!
  • SHAG: Gus Van Sant
    I always thought Gus was pretty hot. Too bad, like most of my ex-boyfriends, he is also gay. But in theoretical shagging land, he’s still a totally viable option. Van Sant has also made a slew of amazing movies like “My Own Private Idaho,” “Good Will Hunting,” “Finding Forrester,” “Elephant,” and “Milk.” Guys who make good art are automatically 40 percent more attractive. He also received an Oscar nomination for Best Director with “Milk.” Plus, since he lives in Portland, Gus automatically gets indie cool points. Which are sexy.
  • MARRY: Sofia Coppola
    I’ve had a major girl crush on Sofia since I read about her clothing line “Milkfed” in some ’90s teen magazine. Then came the movies she directed: “The Virgin Suicides,” “Lost in Translation,” and “Marie Antoinette.” My love was cemented. She interned at Chanel when she was 15 years old, is Francis Ford Coppola’s only daughter, and has hot cousins like Jason Schwartzman and Robert Carmine, oh, and Nicolas Cage … who some women are into apparently. She was married to Spike Jonze for four years, and has moved on to Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars. And I feel like any woman who can be Marc Jacob’s muse and is surrounded by other brilliant creative people knows how to keep it real for the long run.