In Case You Care: Bee Shaffer Has A Blog, Doesn’t Have A Copy Editor

Bee Shaffer, spawn of Anna Wintour, has launched herself a blog called New York Notebook. In the About section: “Hi I’m Bee Shaffer. You might know me from gossip blogs and others, but let me tell you, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This page is where I write my thoughts and observations about life, fashion, people and other things.” Huh, that’s funny, because hasn’t Miss Shaffer been famously quoted as saying, “I really don’t want to work in fashion.”

OK, whatever, young people are allowed to change their minds any number of times in their life. (God knows we have.) And to her credit, the title “New York Notebook” is really quite catchy. However, you’d think that perhaps the daughter of one of the most famous magazine editors in the world would have learned a thing or two about copy editing (or writing in general, for that matter) before posting her prose for the world to see. Just a few glaring errors that we can’t quite get over, after the jump …

  • “As you all know, in this modern era, almost everyone have account in social networks.”
  • “I’m sure all of you also aware with the fact that a lot of people wants to have the life of a famous person.”
  • “No matter who you are, famous or not, all you gotta do is sign up and within few seconds you already hip.”

In another post, Bee tries to get a head start on cataloging fall trends before Fashion Week hit. Her conclusion: “At the end of all the previews, and all the questions, I was still no clearer about what next autumn’s look would be.”

What more can we expect from Wintour’s daughter? We’ll be waiting with a red pen handy. [New York Notebook]