I Hate Dressing For This Time Of Year

As much as I’ve been dying to shed some layers, put away my fabulous vintage red coat, and step out in some killer open-toe shoes, I realize that I hate dressing for this time of year. It’s like relearning how to dress warm and cool at the same time, while also making sure you stay true to your personal style. This morning, it was 43 degrees in NYC, but it’s supposed to go up to 65 degrees. How do I choose between being cold in the morning and sweaty in the afternoon? And to add to the confusion, I have a date tonight! I thought I had everything all ready when I awoke this morning. I would wear a chambray dress with tights and my new favorite shoes (the same ones Gwen Stefani is wearing in this pic). But things didn’t go as planned. You know when you envision an outfit in your head, but when you get it on something isn’t right? Well, that happened to me. So I went with option two — the same tights and shoes, but I changed into a skirt and blouse. And after changing the blouse twice, I decided to go with one of my standby looks.

Layering was key to the climate issue. I threw on a ruffle-bottom T-shirt, a thin wool vest, a thin cotton cardigan, skinny jeans, trouser socks, and the open-toe sandals that made figuring out what to wear such a chore. A Ponte knit blazer topped everything off. And I added a scarf to keep my neck warm. By the time I figured all this out, it was after 8 a.m., and I usually leave around 7:30 a.m. Good thing my train goes express!

Anyway, I don’t know why I didn’t just think of this outfit first. Maybe because it’s become sort of a style uniform for me and I was trying to break out of my box. But I realize this is no time for experimentation, and it’s best to wear pieces you can peel off when appropriate, especially when it’s winter in the morning and spring in the afternoon. Now, I just have to decide how to put this knowledge to use tomorrow. Oh, why can’t we just have straight 70-degree days already?