5 Arguments For And Against “Sex And The City 2″

We’re mere months away from the release of “Sex and the City 2,” which comes out on May 27. The rumors are already flying about the fashion, the infidelities, and the best friends you never had! I’m a die-hard fan of “SATC,” but will Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and (Kristin Davis) ultimately disappoint us? They’re going to leave us here eventually, fingering the stems of our Cosmopolitans, but will the sequel briefly satisfy that itch? We’ve compiled five reasons to see and not to see the movie. Oh, and minor spoiler alert ahead!5 Reasons To See “Sex and the City 2″:

  1. The Boys Are Back In Town. If you can count on “Sex and the City” for anything, it’s providing a steady stream of hotties. Samantha Jones can always be trusted to bring them in like moths to the flame, and her newest moth is model-turned actor Noah Mills, who is beautiful. His character is a blue-collar hottie with eyes for Miss Jones. Another man from the past who might make a cameo is Aidan (John Corbett), who was “mysteriously” in Morocco around the same time the “SATC” crew was filming there. The hunky furniture maker might be able to mix things up a bit. Plus, Jerry “Smith” Jerrod is back. Swoon! [Cosmo Guy Online]
  2. The Big Gay Wedding. This is really the main attraction. Apparently, Stanford and Anthony are getting married by Liza Minnelli and then Liza and Barbra Streisand are performing together, perhaps in a tribute to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).” It’s like a gay man’s diary exploded. Even though the actors were sworn to secrecy, Minnelli told the Sydney Morning Herald, “The thing opens with the gay guys (Stanford and Anthony) getting married, and it’s wonderful and everybody in the world is there. And I marry them! Then somebody says, ‘Oh Liza,’ or ‘Miss Minnelli’ or whatever, ‘that was just lovely. It was so nice to see you; thanks for coming.’ And I say, “Oh — oh, I’m not leaving. And that’s the setup for me to do (Beyonce’s) ‘Single Ladies’!” [Cosmo Guy Online]
  3. Flashback Scene. We’ve all caught pictures of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha in ’80s garb. Apparently, the storyline involves a flashback where Carrie remembers how she met all of the ladies. But you’ve gotta love the side ponytails and truly awful ’80s fashion. I’m a sucker for those awkward story lines that force 50-year-old women to pretend they’re 20 years old like it’s no big deal.
  4. It’s Like Watching A Magazine. One of the things I love about “Sex and the City” is almost one of the things I hate as well. Patricia Field is back doing the fashion, which is, of course, awe-inspiring and fantastic. People are still sporting that studded belt from the last movie. And they’re still talking about the bird that died on Carrie’s head. But you know that watching the movie is just going to remind you of all the Louboutins you can’t afford and boggle the mind as to how Carrie can, considering she only appears to work for about three hours a week. But despite the shopper’s envy, it’s still our God-given right as women to covet our neighbor’s clothes, and “SATC” is like clothes porn.
  5. It’s The End Of An Era. We were thinking this when the last movie came out too, but how many more opportunities are we going to have to see some of our favorite characters together? Rumor has it that they filmed the third installment simultaneously, so we might have another couple years of drawn-out anticipation. But “Sex and the City” had a huge impact on how we talk about sex and they brought sisterhood back to the small screen. Unless we get a “Golden Girls” version in 20 years (fingers crossed), this might be the last time we can bond unabashedly over our common love of one show.

5 Reasons To Skip “Sex and the City 2″:

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker Must Be Stopped. I love Sarah Jessica Parker, but her marketing team is totally out of control. Did you know that she has five fragrances?! The newest scent is SJP NYC, based on Carrie Bradshaw. Parker said of the venture, “I like the idea of creating a fragrance of everyone. I thought a lot about the idea of like when Carrie Bradshaw walks down a street. I’m thrilled to have my initials with the initials of the city I love most in the world.” She’s got her hand in beauty and fashion, movies and television, and she is raising twin babies! She’s just making me look bad. [Access Hollywood]
  2. Not Every Man Cheats. I know the women are older and getting to different places in their relationships, but does every one of the male characters have to have a cheating scare?! First, Steve broke Miranda’s heart and she took him back. Now, some of the rumors say that Penelope Cruz, who’s guest-starring, will play Mr. Big’s sexy banker. Although the actress denies there’s any funny business, can you really put Cruz in a movie without infidelity? And SJP confirmed that something goes wrong with their marriage in the next installment, saying, “he [Big] and Carrie have an indiscretion.” And then there’s Alive Eve (who is currently starring in “She’s Out of My League”) who’ll play Charlotte’s new nanny and will reportedly catch Harry’s eye. Booo. Harry is supposed to be the good one! [Cinema Blend, The Examiner]
  3. Might As Well Wait For The 3rd. The news of a third movie was apparently leaked by extras who talked to Blackbook magazine. But when will the alleged third film come out? I hate the waiting between movies you know already exist. You have the material; just give it all to us now!!! Make it a double feature and charge us $30 a ticket! I’d almost rather hold out for a big party when I can watch them both at once and serve Cosmos and canapes in celebration! [Single Gal NYC]
  4. It’s Like Watching A Catalog. I know I already talked about the fashion being a good thing, but apparently Sarah Jessica Parker was offered about $1.5 million to be the face of Halston’s spring campaign, which is fair. But she’s wearing several of the Halston dresses in the next movie, which is also fair since we’re used to being marketed to in movies, but fashion-wise I think it’s kinda lame to not warn us first. At least when Patricia Field is left to her own devices, she combines vintage, designer, and lowbrow … I don’t like that she’s forced to put in fashion due to an exchange of money. [Shopping Blog]
  5. Where’s The Heart? It seems like they kind of just threw together a movie just because the first one was so successful. Kim Cattrall said filming this one was “like summer camp” and Sarah Jessica Parker called it a “caper,” sans the heaviness of the previous movie. I’m still down for a carefree sequel, but shouldn’t the actors at least pretend it’s going to be a major movie event? [Cinema Blend]