Do Little Girls Really Need To Use Makeup?

OK, for reals, what is up with people trying to make little girls older than they really are? What happened to parents who refused to let their daughters wear makeup until a certain age? Suri Cruise is trotting around in high heels and now British star Katie Price has decided that she wants to create a makeup line for little girls, inspired by her own toddler. This isn’t the first time that Katie’s made headlines regarding her daughter Princess — just a month ago, her ex was furious about a picture published online showing their daughter in heavy makeup and false lashes. The only, and we stress only, reason we can kind of understand her motives are based on the simple fact that little girls love to play dress up, which leads to makeup all over their faces, and inevitably in their mouths.

“Obviously the story would be she nicks my make-up all the time, it’s not safe for her to use a lady’s mascara… edible lipstick, little case with wipes to take your make-up off — you can get a nice case for make-up wipes, lipsticks, blushers and mascara and nail varnishes,” explained Katie.

What do you think? Should we be encouraging kids to be little grownups or let them enjoy their childhood? [Marie Claire UK]