The Perfect Non-Perfume: Byredo’s Blanche

We’ve found the perfect perfume. And it’s perfect precisely because it doesn’t smell like perfume. Byredo’s Eau de Parfum in Blanche is, like the name implies, clean and pure. The fragrance is vaguely close to a soapy, laundry odor, but it isn’t that either. The best way we can describe it is this: It smells like your skin, but the way you’ve always wanted your skin to smell, as if you’ve just gotten out of the shower. Its distinctive yet natural presence on your body has (at least for us) a sort of carnal, pheromone-like effect, sort of like how guys love the scent of your hair. True, it’s a very luxe splurge. But perfection does have its price.

Tags: beauty, crave, perfume