All About Lindsay Lohan’s New Man, Sam Webb

Apparently, one Sam leads to another, since Lindsay Lohan has a new man in her life — Sam Webb, a European Dolce & Gabbana model! A source managed to make Lindsay sound super desperate about the guy, saying, “She’s obsessed with Sam. She’s looking for projects that are based in England so she can be near him. She’s been talking about moving to England because of him. She’s fallen pretty hard for him and follows him wherever he goes. She loves that he’s part of the fashion scene and that he’s legitimate.” Lindsay attended Paris and Milan Fashion Week with her new arm candy. Not much is known about Sam, but because we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of him in the near future, we decided to snoop around the Webb to see what we might find.

  • Sam Webb “gets” fashion, the Radar source said, “He has done huge campaigns and she can actually talk about Karl Lagerfeld and he knows who she’s talking about. She’s in heaven.” []
  • He was recently seen making out with Lindsay at the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Paris Fashion Week after-party. A witness says, “Lindsay and Sam were making out the entire time, and they were so all over each other it got embarrassing to watch. It didn’t look like they had just met and hooked up…I got the impression she’s been dating him for a while now.” [X17 Online]
  • Meanwhile, Sam’s been buddies with Lindsay for years and maybe they didn’t make out. Lindsay said, “Never did I do any such thing. He’s been a friend for years.” [GossipCop] The awkward phrasing makes me think those words tasted bad coming out.
  • Lindsay even managed to diss Samantha Ronson while hinting at a possible move to London to be with her man, “Moving to the UK is in my near future. better dj’s/music and Paris is just a Chunnel away!” [Examiner] Burn to U.S. djs like SamRo!
  • He’s got a bleeding heart tattoo on his underarm with a banner that says “Your Blood Is My Blood.” Which sounds kinda fishy, like maybe he belongs to some sexy vampire club if he thinks “your blood” is his. But I hear Lindsay’s into vampires, so maybe that’ll be a selling point? []
  • But despite all the facts, his Facebook status still says he’s single, which means they probably haven’t had “the talk” yet. The big “Are we a couple, but are we a couple on Facebook?” talk, which is a totally big step in a relationship these days! [Facebook]