25 Guys Who Are Hot, But We Don’t Know Why

Do you rock at trivia? Listen to the music on your iPod with big, “Natalie Portman in ‘Garden State'” headphones? Have a slight lisp? Guess what? Guys — or at least the guys at Asylum — find those qualities hot. We appreciate that they took the time to ruminate on these oh-so randomly inexplicable sexy qualities. So, in return, we’ve put together a list of 25 guys we find hot, though we don’t quite know why …

  1. Guys who wear tighty whities
  2. Guys who consider themselves feminists but not just to pick up chicks at pro-choice rallies
  3. Guys who pet strangers’ dogs on the street
  4. Guys who are in bands but are not the lead singer
  5. Guys who have a lot of plants
  6. Guys who don’t have a Facebook page
  7. Guys who need help parallel parking
  8. Guys who are sort of slovenly
  9. Guys without health insurance
  10. Guys who seem preppy/business-like at first, but are then covered in tattoos
  11. Guys who refer to others as “son”
  12. Guys who are on that line where you just can’t tell if they’re gay or straight
  13. Guys who are obsessed with superheroes
  14. Guys who admit that they have no sense of direction
  15. Guys with big noses and acne scars
  16. Guys who collect sneakers
  17. Guys who likes girls with really short hair
  18. Guys who blush
  19. Guys who only buy guy food at the grocery store (like meat and Gatorade)
  20. Guys who sit on “boyfriend couches” while their girlfriends/wives are shopping
  21. Guys who get embarrassed about their naked bodies
  22. Guys who hum/talk to themselves
  23. Guys with paint on their clothes
  24. Guys who really like candy
  25. Guys who think not-obviously hot girls and fleshy chicks in paintings are hot


Photos: iStockphoto/Splash News

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