Worth The Splurge: Kate Spade Clothes

We all like looking sassy on a budget, but sometimes a splurge is in order. With this in mind, welcome to the first edition of Worth The Splurge, a primer to help you prepare for your next grown-up purchase.

Remember lusting over that boxy little Kate Spade purse that everyone was trying to get their hands on in high school? Remember getting it and then realizing a few months later that maybe cookie cutter bags aren’t the coolest thing ever? Well, Ms. Spade (much like you) has come a long way since then. Her bags have become progressively more chic but, even more than that, her clothes are adorable and rarely get the attention that they deserve. Ladylike but still whimsical is clearly the guiding principle in Kate Spade ready-to-wear. Polka-dot dresses and pretty little mini skirts sit next to ruffled blouses and the sort of jackets you instantly fall in love with. All in all, we’re pretty smitten. While pricey, $300-$500 dresses and $200-$300 skirts are in about the same range as BCBG and Diane Von Furstenberg, but far less common. More importantly, I’ve felt up the goods (in an only vaguely sexual way) and the fabric is quality and everything that should be lined is — I’ve worn a dress from there countless times with no signs of unraveling or falling to bits. Take that, H&M!