Woman Says Greg Brady Had His Lawyer Dump Her

It must suck to get dumped by Greg Brady, aka Barry Williams. But it must suck even more to get dumped by Greg Brady the way 31-year-old Elizabeth Kennedy claims she was. The two were in post-coital bliss after a morning romp in December. “He told me he was going down the car to get his cellphone and instead he let his lawyer in,” she told RadarOnline.com. “And she tells me that I have 10 minutes to put my shoes on, hand over my keys and get out of the house.” The lawyer allegedly served her with papers telling her to move out and accusing her of withdrawing $29,000 from Williams’ bank account. The papers concluded: “Mr. Williams has instructed us to advise you that he is immediately terminating the personal relationship, which you and he have enjoyed.”Williams and Kennedy had lived together for four years, and Kennedy says that any money she withdrew, she did with his permission. Williams also got a temporary restraining order against her, saying she once pulled a knife on him—a charge he has dropped.

Who knows whose side of the story is true. Either way, Kennedy found an interesting place to stay—with Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight. In other words, Peter Brady. What will Marcia say?! [RadarOnline.com]