Rielle Hunter “Repulsed” By Her GQ Photos

If you were shocked by Rielle Hunter’s GQ photos—in which she poses in a button-down men’s shirt, pearls, and no pants while lying on a bed in one photo and sitting seductively with a stuffed Dora the Explorer in another—then you’re not the only one to let out a gasp. Hunter herself has called the photos “repulsive” and went crying to Barbara Walters to state her case. Yesterday, Walters revealed on “The View” that she’d spoken to Hunter, who said she cried for two hours when she saw the racy pics. When Walters asked Hunter why she sat for the photos, Walters quoted her as saying, “I went with the flow.” Hunter reportedly claims the magazine was supposed to use headshots for all but one photo and that she trusted photographer Mark Seliger to pick less promiscuous photos. But in an interview with “Good Morning America” today, Lisa DePaulo, the writer of the GQ article, was in disbelief over Hunter’s claims. “Did she say she thought they would be headshots?” asked DePaulo of ABC’s Juju Chang. “Rielle is a smart woman. She knows what she wore and what she was doing in the photo shoot.” The magazine also released video footage from Hunter’s shoot to “GMA,” and it’s quite clear that Seliger asked Hunter for her approval.

So what do you think — should Hunter have been aware of the direction of the photos at the shoot? I mean the connotation of a woman wearing a men’s shirt is quite clear. And this is GQ, the magazine known for getting famous ladies in the buff. Plus, what woman would pose seductively with her daughter’s toys if she wanted to be taken seriously? [Hollywood Life, People, Good Morning America]