Lady Gaga & Beyonce Are Masters Of Not-So-Subtle Product Placement

Rarely lauded for their subtlety, Lady Gaga and Beyonce went even more balls out than usual with the product placement in their recently released “Telephone” music video. First up, there’s the fact that the song itself (much like its predecessor, “Videophone”) is just waiting to be licensed for commercial use by a cell phone company. But lest they should be accused of selling out to cell phones entirely, entertainment’s strangest lady duo produced an out-of-control video to accompany the jingle song, too. All we can say is we hope major money went Gaga and B’s way, because their almost 10-minute video was like an extended commercial for everything from dating sites to Polaroid to Verizon to Miracle Whip. Check out the most blatant placements, after the jump. [BlackBook] Burly lady prison guards need love, too. And, for a limited time, they can find it for less on!

Virgin Mobile: Ignore the fact that Gaga somehow managed to hide her cell in her fishnets when she was stripped near-naked, because the power of Verizon does everything from give you perfect reception to make phones invisible. It’s like magic! Buy Verizon!

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