Does “Lucky In Love” Really Exist?

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We all know a woman who seems to be more fortunate in the guy department than the rest of us. For me, it’s my friend Anne. She moved to New York right after college, got a job, and, there, she met Paul, a sweet mountain-man type who – by pure coincidence – was from her East Coast hometown, had attended her smallish state university, shared several of her friends, and enjoyed her favorite outdoorsy activities. Four years later, they’re still happily together and living in a quaint one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. “It was all meant to be!” she told me over drinks. “Everything happens for a reason.” Theirs is a great story, no question, but I couldn’t get on board with her theory that fate had a hand in the matter. The way I figured it, she was probably just really, really lucky. Because if everyone is fated to have an amazing love life, wouldn’t we all be dating Ryan Gosling right now?
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