Teen Vogue Wants To Do Your Hair

On a monthly basis, Teen Vogue editors dish out their advice on fashion, beauty, and shopping through the glossy pages of the magazine, but it seems the style mavens aren’t happy with just relying on their words to express their knowledge. So, the glossy just launched Teen Vogue’s Haute Spot, a pop-up store in upscale malls, which provides private, personalized meetings with staffers to talk about makeup, hair and style services. Priced at $100 for one hour, customers will have the chance to sit with the ladies (and gents) behind the magazine, as well as makeup artists, to talk all things fashion, and receive one-to-one help regarding their own style and look. The pop-up shop just launched on March 13 at the Westchester mall, but in the years to come, it will become a permanent store. We can see this becoming a huge fad for pre-teen birthday parties. [Media Week]