Sike! MTV Didn’t Really Ban Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”

Over the weekend, the rumor began that MTV was banning Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s 10-minute epic collaboration video, “Telephone“—which was amusing, ’cause when does MTV actually play videos anyway? This got me thinking—what was the most offensive part of the video? The near nudity in the beginning? The cigarette sunglasses? The lesbian crotch-grabbing? The mass murder? Well, apparently, none of the above. The video isn’t actually banned at all—MTV has been playing it since Friday. “Fans can continue to catch the video as we repeat it on-air and online,” a spokesperson said. Which is good news, I think. Because, honestly, the only truly offensive part of the video to me is all the shameless product placement. Virgin Mobile, Diet Coke,, Wonderbread, Coors Light, Polaroid—are there any products not endorsed in this thing?