Corey Haim Possibly Part Of A Mega Prescription Pill Ring

Over the weekend, Corey Haim’s mom went public, saying that the coroner’s office told her Corey had an enlarged heart and water in his lungs. But it will be a while before a final cause of death is determined. Meanwhile, details continue to surface about just how bad Corey’s prescription pill addictions were. “We know that Corey Haim used a lot of legal drugs, shopped a lot of doctors and went to a lot of pharmacies and, at least in one instance, got OxyContin from an illegal syndicate,” California Attorney General Jerry Brown said. “My hunch is he was using massive amounts of these drugs.”

And it appears that Corey might have stumbled into a big old prescription pill fraud ring. Here’s how it worked. The ringleaders would steal a doctor’s identification information and go online to order prescription pads bearing their name. From there, they’d write out prescriptions to customers or sell the pads outright. Other times, they’d go to zillions of pharmacies to have fake prescriptions filled, amassing quite a stockpile. From there, they’d distribute them for sale. “They can go to one pharmacy after another and get tens of thousands of pills and now you’re talking a multimillion-dollar scam,” a California doctor said.

Overall, authorities have identified about 5,000 prescriptions filled from stolen pads. At least one of them was in Corey Haim’s name.

All the more proof that prescription pill addiction is getting way out of hand. [ABC News, People]