Forget Trophy Wives, Try A Trophy Husband

Since creation, man has been an entity unto himself and woman has been his counterpart. First, God made man; then he made him a girlfriend. Men are the protagonists of our children’s stories, the majority of our doctors, generals and CEOs, the president, Jesus, God, Allah and Buddha. All “men” are created equal. To deny that man is the dominant gender is to deny our vernacular, religion, culture and art.It’s no surprise, then, that men traditionally perceive themselves as fully functioning individuals with or without a partner. Men want and seek long-term companionship, but these relationships aren’t necessary to their sense of self. They have learned to feel complete regardless of whether they are sharing their lives with someone. In fact, the more successful the guy, the more it seems he pairs off with a woman who is no more than a pretty face: a trophy wife. Read more