How To Shop For A Mid-Weight Jacket

We’ve officially entered that odd, in-between season where temperatures hover between the mid 40s to 60s and make navigating jacket selection an obnoxiously difficult task. We should be wearing medium-weight toppers, trenches and leathers. Instead, however, I look around and see droves of women in too-heavy woolens and too-light cottons, apparently having decided to ignore pre-spring jackets entirely. Sorry to be a stickler, but this sort of outerwear behavior is totally unacceptable. Every girl needs a coat for the in-between times, and we’ll help you pick out the right one after the jump.

  • First up, keep these two guiding points in mind: 1) if it’s unlined, it’s too light and 2) If you were wearing it two months ago, it’s too heavy.
  • Length-wise, in this sort of weather, you don’t need anything particularly long to block out errant gusts of freezing wind; mid-thigh or shorter is best.
  • A full on puffer coat is overkill, but a jacket with a very light layer (1/4 inch or so) of filler inside the lining will keep you the right amount of toasty.
  • Just because it’s getting warmer doesn’t mean that cropped sleeves won’t leave you cold and uncomfortable. That said, unless you’re planning to carry long gloves around with you all the time, stick with a full length sleeve.
  • It’s hard to go wrong with a lightly lined trench. It works in rain, in the mid temperatures and, if you buy one with a zip-out thicker lining, you can wear it in the fall as well.
  • This is also a good time for a leather jacket investment. If you buy one that’s more trim and fitted, you can also wear it under a heavier coat next winter.