Utah Lawmaker Admits To Hot Tub Frolic With Underaged Girl

It’s a story ripped from an episode of “Jersey Shore”: Utah’s House Majority Leader, Rep. Kevin Garn, admitted yesterday that in 2002 he paid a woman $150,000 to keep quiet during his Congressional campaign about a 1985 incident where they sat naked in a hot tub together. Garn, who is 55 now, was 30 at the time; the girl, Cheryl Maher, who is 40 now, was 15 at the time. Maher began calling news media in Salt Lake City to tell them about the incident earlier this week. However, she has since clammed up and refused to speak to the Associated Press, but wrote in an email today, “I have done things I am not proud of in my past and this is complete freedom for me. I can now move on to my new adventures.”

At least Garn is not making any excuses for skinny-dipping with an underaged girl. He told the AP, “Although we did not have any sexual contact, it was still clearly inappropriate — and it was my fault.”

Garn has said he will not resign, but he has not said he would seek re-election. [AP]

Do you think Garn should resign? Or do you think that because there was allegedly no sexual contact, and it happened 25 years ago, that Garn’s behavior is forgivable?