Hair Dye That Doesn’t Make Your Eyes Tear Up

L’Oreal recently invited editors to go check out what they call a “revolution” in haircare: INOA, a new permanent dye that aims to color hair sans ammonia, long revered by colorists as the only way to get serious results. But let’s be honest here; anyone who’s ever suffered the toxic fumes and noticed strawlike hair after a dye job won’t be missing the ingredient much, right?Personally, I was invited to go try it out at one of the select salons that are testing the product as it rolls out. (Since I don’t normally color my hair, I’m having my dye junkie bestie try it and will report back with pics! Stay tuned.) Then again, if I remember correctly, I quit dying my hair because I hated the way my hair felt after. According to a piece in The New York Times yesterday, top colorists swear that what distinguishes INOA is its performance: While it’s not technically the first permanent, ammonia-free hair dye ever to hit the market, it’s getting more attention because, apparently, it not only leaves hair as soft as it was before it was colored, but the hue lasts as long as its traditionally ammonia’d counterparts.

Keep in mind INOA is a salon-only product. It costs a bit more and it’s not ready to roll out in at-home kits for the masses, yet. It’s pretty exciting though, especially for people who have serious allergic reactions to ammonia. To find a participating salon, check here. [New York Times]