Frisky Rant: “The Real Housewives Of Orange County” Reunion Was Annoying

I’m a die-hard “Housewives” fan and haven’t missed a season since the O.C. women came on the scene five years ago. And even though I’ve never met any of the ladies (and don’t really want to), I feel that I know a great deal about their lives. That’s why I was so annoyed by some of the viewer questions and comments and the behavior of some of cast members. I’ve never been one to send an email to Bravo, so I’m just going to rant here.

  • Surprisingly, Alexis and Jim Bellino were my favorite couple this season. Everyone else found him to be controlling and her too passive and high-maintenance. I, however, disagree. Their marriage is based heavily on their Christian faith, and it might seem a little old-school to some that Alexis defers to her husband for guidance and feedback, but she does it willingly. She even has a tendency to challenge him. On the reunion show, Jim was criticized for not “letting” Alexis travel to Florida alone. No one brought up the fact that he hardly knew the women she was going with. And I can tell you the O.C. Housewives have gotten wild and crazy when their hubbies weren’t around, so I can understand his apprehension. (Plus, we all know that whole girls-weekend-turned-couples-weekend was arranged to piss Vicki Gunvalson off.) Towards the end of the season, though, Jim had become comfortable enough with Alexis spending a night in San Francisco without him. Their marriage seems to work for them. She’s far from unhappy and he’s not locking her behind any doors. So get over it, people!
  • The biggest topic of the reunion show and the season was how Slade Smiley was a “Housewives hunter” because Gretchen Rossi was the third Housewife he’d dated. OK, for starters, Jo De La Rosa wouldn’t have been a Housewife in the first season if she hadn’t been digging for Slade’s gold. Let’s not forget her driving off in the luxury car he bought her, even though he’d removed the license plate, when they broke up. Second, Lauri Waring. Seriously? She dug her French manicured claws into him the minute Jo stepped out the door. You can’t claim she and Slade were ever in a relationship. Sure, he was hitting that, but she also wanted him for his cash, so she could move out of that attached townhouse to a place behind the gates. Luckily, Lauri found out that Slade wasn’t rolling in dough with just enough time to hook a big fish, her current husband. Now on to Gretchen … She realizes she could be making a mistake but says it’s hers to make. Sometimes you just have to take a chance on love.
  • Vicki, Vicki, Vicki! How I love to hate you because you make it so damn easy. The only thing I can say about Vicki Gunvalson is that she needs to learn to take criticism and catty comments as much as she dishes them. Running away simply makes her look like a coward. And she needs to please, please stop being jealous of every younger she meets. This would do wonders for her self-esteem. But maybe if we all keep our fingers crossed, then she’ll quit next season like so many other Housewives before her.

All in all though, I will say that I totally enjoyed the reunion episodes. I mean, these primped and stuffed women would be très boring if it weren’t for all the drama.

Let me know your thoughts on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” in the comments. Do you agree or disagree with my rants?