The 50 Things We Love About Men That May Surprise You

Sometimes we don’t show enough appreciation for the fellas around here. While they drive us batty — and there’s more than a few rotten apples threatening to spoil the bunch — there are some truly amazing, wonderful, simple things we not only notice about men, but positively love. Check out 50 after the jump …

  1. The way his BO smells after a workout.
  2. Butt hair.
  3. When his temples go gray.
  4. That he can lift the garbage bag out of the bin with only one arm … it’s magic!
  5. That small stomach paunch.
  6. That he doesn’t freak out when there’s a scary noise suggesting an intruder is in the house!
  7. That he’s more sensitive than you think.
  8. That all he really wants to do is please you.
  9. That he’ll give you a foot rub and doesn’t even notice your corn.
  10. That if you blow him, he will be happy.
  11. His chivalrous offers of jackets, bug-killing and walking on the street-side of the sidewalk to prevent you from potential death by rogue vehicles.
  12. Watching him get dressed.
  13. His O-face.
  14. When he does that funny “mangina” thing.
  15. How proud he is when he goes out of the way to make the bed.
  16. His enthusiasm and glee after you cut one.
  17. How he gets mad at anyone who wrongs you.
  18. The way he talks to the TV (as long as you’re not watching it too).
  19. Beer breath. (Sometimes.)
  20. Razor burn after a hot make-out session.
  21. His scars.
  22. That he pees standing up.
  23. Chest hair.
  24. The “little boy” look that he gives you when he’s had a bad day and wants to cuddle.
  25. That sex never seems to be “bad” or even “not great.”
  26. His ability to sleep through the apocalypse.
  27. That he can be all growly and manly one moment, and melt into a puddle when holding a newborn kitten.
  28. His insistence that you will not — nay, can not! — get pregnant if he just “puts it in for a second” or “pulls out first.” (Not that he’s right.)
  29. That he treats his mom with respect.
  30. That he will drive all the way to his grandparents’ house just to “fix” something that wasn’t broken in the first place on their computer.
  31. That sometimes when he snores, it sounds so contented and adorable. (Sometimes not.)
  32. That he gets so much delight out of watching “boy movies.”
  33. That he sometimes wears outrageously silly things he secretly thinks are fashionable.
  34. They he takes his facial hair very seriously.
  35. Yet he never knows when to get a haircut.
  36. That he sometimes cuts his face while shaving and doesn’t notice.
  37. His bewilderment about shopping.
  38. His inexplicable, fierce and universal love of baseball/hatred of tabloid magazines.
  39. That he doesn’t know what moisturizer is, let alone use it.
  40. When he uses your shampoo and then shrieks, “What is this?! It smells girly!”
  41. That he would sooner steam his shirt for an hour in the shower than pick up an iron.
  42. That he DVRs the entire reality TV lineup “for you, sweetie,” but knows the characters and drama just as well as you do.
  43. His strong hands, even though they’ve never seen a manicure.
  44. That sometimes, when he’s drunk, he’ll let you put makeup on him.
  45. His unfairly-longer-than-yours eyelashes.
  46. When he’s clueless in the kitchen but he cooks you something anyway — like toast — and is all proud.
  47. That he’s not afraid to hug another man.
  48. When he sticks up for your girlfriends too.
  49. His funny caveman feet.
  50. Giving him a blow job — to fruition.