Low Libido Gets A Fancier, More Serious Name

Haven’t gotten laid in a while? Don’t even really care to try? Your low libido and laziness may be a symptom of something far scarier sounding! Sexual anorexia. Dr. Drew Pinsky, the hot, grey-haired medicine man from VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab” series, answered a reader question for The New York Times about “too little sex” and whether it’s as big a problem as “too much sex.” Dr. Drew replied:

Fundamentally, sexual anorexia is yet another manifestation of intimacy disorders, among which sexual addiction is one of the more common manifestations today … People with intimacy disorders cannot tolerate closeness. Interestingly, the anorexia commonly kicks in when a patient gets involved with someone who might be genuinely available for true intimate connection.

In other words, sexual anorexia is the opposite behavior of sexual addiction, but stems from the same issues. Eek! Dr. Drew cautions that people shouldn’t be quick to label themselves or others as sexually anorexic just because they don’t have a desire to have sex. After all, libido can be affected by medications and hormonal changes as well.

Whatever. The next time someone asks me when the last time I got laid was, I’ll use this as an excuse and not my bad online dating luck. [NY Times]