Lip Plumping Action For Your Cheeks?

Have you ever used lip plumpers? They’re those lip glosses that are basically like collagen injections in a bottle—they have some weird potion in them that makes your lips feel like they’re warm and tingling/itching. It’s a bizarre sensation to endure, but if you can, these products promise that your pucker will indeed appear more plump. Now some of these companies are using the same technology and applying it to blush and cheek products — so you can get that just-Botoxed look, we assume? DuWop, one of the original brands to come on the scene with its spicy Lip Venom, now has a rouge called Cheek Venom, which uses the same blend of essential oils you find in its plumping gloss “to warm the cheeks while bathing the senses in the lightest hint of scent. This process creates a natural flush by stimulating circulation.” Too bad we’re just finding out about this as winter’s over. Are your cheeks something you want to plump up? Or is this an area you prefer to de-emphasize? Or maybe you just think this whole thing is kind of stupid? [$24, Sephora via]